Terms and Conditions – Rental

These Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the contract established between Ride Portugal Moto (Paulo Bernardo Unipessoal Lda) here and after called “Owner” and the person who rents the motorcycle here and after called “Renter”.  Ride Portugal Moto reserves the right to any changes and specific agreements (to be established in writing)

  1. Rental period

The rental days are defined as periods of 24 hours

2. Minimum age for renter and driver

The driver must be at least 21 years old for a motorcycle rental and 25 years old (if no motorcycle license) for a scooter rental.   The driver must have a valid driving license for the category of motorcycle rented and a minimum of 2 years of motorcycle driving experience. 

3. Motorcycle condition

The Renter received the motorcycle in perfect condition. It is to be returned after the Rental under the same condition.

 The owner declares that to the best of his knowledge the rented motorcycle is in a safe condition, free from faults or defects affecting its safe operation under normal use.

4. Prices and kilometers limits

The rental price is indicated on the contract when booking the rental. The price includes 350 kilometers per day for rentals of 1 to 4 days. Every kilometer above this 350 km limit will be charged at a rate of 0.25 Euros per kilometer. For rentals of 5 days or more there is unlimited kilometers.  The rental also includes civil liability insurance, and collision insurance for damages higher than the value of the security deposit. The motorcycles are all equipped with a top case and other luggage solutions.  All applicable taxes are included in the price.

5. Reservations and payments

5.1 The renter pays 50% of the total cost of the rental upon reservation. The remaining 50% will be paid at the start of the rental period.

5.2 In the event of an immediate rental, without a reservation, the renter must pay the full cost of the rental.

6. Cancellation

6.1 Cancellation by the renter more than 60 days before the scheduled date of rental

If the cancellation occurs more than 60 days before the scheduled date of rental, the owner will refund 50% of the amount paid by the renter.

6.2 Cancellation less than 60 days before the scheduled date of rental

If the cancellation occurs less than 60 days before the scheduled date of rental, the owner will not refund any payment to the renter.  In case of cancellation by the renter, the owner offers the renter the opportunity to change their dates of rental within 12 months (subject to availability).  In which case the owner we will keep your payments as a credit. 

6.3 Cancellation by the owner

If for any reason, the owner has to cancel a rental reservation, he will refund the renter’s deposit.

7. Motorcycle availability

The owner agrees to make the model of motorcycle reserved for the rental period available. In case of unforeseen circumstances the owner might provide the renter with a replacement model.  If the renter does not agree with the model offered by the owner, the owner will refund the deposit of the renter.

8. Delivery and return

8.1 The Delivery and return of the motorcycles are to be done at Ride Portugal Moto head office in Rua Costa Veiga 60 1E, 2460-028 Alcobaça.  

8.2 The times of delivery and return will be agreed upon by the owner and the renter and specified in the contract.

8.3 The renter is responsible for returning the motorcycle at the head office no later than the specified time in the contract. If the renter does not return the motorcycle on time, the disappearance of the motorcycle will be reported to the authorities and could be punished by Criminal Law.  In the case that the renter is not able to return the motorcycle at the specified time, this should be previously and immediately communicated to the owner.  Returning the motorcycle later than the specified time will result in a fee of 25€ per hour late.   

9. Insurance

Rental prices include compulsory civil liability insurance and insurance for damages by fall, theft or collision for damages that have values superior to the security deposit.

10. Renter liability

The renter is liable for ensuring that they are legally entitled to drive the model of motorcycle chosen during the rental period.  . The renter must provide a valid driver’s license.  The renter is responsible for all traffic fines, traffic irregularities or toll fees during the rental period.

 The renter shall be responsible for the motorcycle during the rental period and should at all time respect the following conditions:

  • Use the motorcycle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Respect the recommend weight limit by the manufacturers of the motorcycle and the luggage compartments
  • Never use the motorcycle for racing or any type of competition
  • Never Use the motorcycle for any commercial, or non-general touring purposes
  • Never use the motorcycle on unpaved roads
  • Never use the motorcycle for illegal purposes
  • Never use the motorcycle negligently
  • Respect the speed limits and road codes
  • Never allow anyone else but the stated driver on the contract, to operate the motorcycle
  • Never use the motorcycle if its mechanical condition is deemed unsafe
  • Never use the motorcycle if the renter’s physical conditions are weakened by fatigue or illness
  • Never use the motorcycle under the influence or after the consumption of drugs or alcohol or other narcotic substances.
  • Never leave the scene of an accident in which the rented motorcycle has been involved.
  • The renter should immediately report to the authorities and to the owner any accident,  theft or disappearance of the motorcycle or accessories

* Failure to comply with any of the conditions above will result in the termination of the rental, the cancellation of insurance and the renter will then be accountable for the total value of the motorcycle and accessories.    

11. Security deposit

11.1 Security deposit amounts:

 Motorcycles –    € 500

 Scooters  –        € 500

11.2 At the start of the rental period, the renter is required to leave an initial security deposit by credit card authorization or in cash.  The amount of the initial security deposit is specified in the contract.  In addition to the initial security deposit, the renter must pay, whether he is responsible or not, for damage, theft or total loss of the vehicle, as well as damage to or loss of accessories and documents, up to a maximum of 1500 Euros for a motorcycle and 1000 Euros for a scooter. To do this, the renter must sign a document authorizing the owner (Ride Portugal Moto) to collect and use the credit card details to proceed with payment to cover damage up to the value stipulated above.  At the end of the rental contract, compensation for damage to the motorcycle, accessories and documents will be charged to the renter’s credit card.  If there is no damage, the initial security deposit will be returned to the renter in full.

12. Fuel Conditions

All motorcycle will be delivered with a full fuel tank and must be returned in the same conditions. If not, the owner will charge the missing fuel and an additional refueling fee of 10€.  

13. Mechanical failure 

13.1 In the case of mechanical failure, the renter must contact the owner. If the repair is necessary and possible, the renter must obtain the owner’s consent before making such repair. If the repair is not possible, the owner will attempt to replace the damaged motorcycle.

13.2 The owner will refund the value of the corresponding rental period from the moment when the motorcycle was immobilised due to mechanical failure.

13.3 If for any reason the replacement is not possible, the owner will reimburse the renter for the rental days not enjoyed.

13.4 The owner is not responsible for lost time due to accidents or mechanical failures that could delay or stop the renter’s travel plans.

13.5 No reimbursement or motorcycle replacement will be issued or applied for any mechanical failures caused by falls, accidents or negligent use.

14. Procedure in case of injury or accident 

14.1 In case of any accident or injury, the renter is required to immediately notify the owner by phone. Towing services and/or repair should only be called when agreed with the owner.

14.2 The renter must immediately notify police and emergency services in the event of an accident.

14.3 The renter is responsible for noting names, addresses, phone numbers, driving license numbers, brands, models, colors and registration of the people and/or vehicles involved in the accident. 

14.4 The renter must share and collect details of insurance (insurance company and policy number). Also, the contacts of any eyewitnesses should be collected, and all the information that contributes to the correct and complete understanding of the sequence of events.  Take some pictures if possible.

15. Territory

Civil liability insurance and shock or collisions insurance are valid in Portugal and all European countries.

If the renter intends to drive the rented motorcycle in countries outside of the Economic European Union, he should inform beforehand the owner at the time of the reservation. Travelling with a rented motorcycle outside of the Economic European Union without previous consent from the owner, will result in the cancellation of the insurance.  In this case, the renter will be accountable for all damage and theft for the total value of the motorcycle and accessories as new. 

16. KEYS 

16.1 The owner shall provide the corresponding keys to the motorcycle and luggage. There will be no duplicate provided.  

16.2 The Client is responsible for the security of the keys during the rental period and must return all keys at the end of the rental. 16.3 If the renter loses or damages the keys, the owner shall not be responsible for the premature interruption or end of the rental period.. The loss of a key incurs on a fee of key replacement of 200 €.

17. Documentation 

17.1 The owner shall provide all necessary documents for the circulation of the vehicle:

Copy of the rental contract


Proof of ownership and proof of insurance.

17.2 The client is responsible for these documents during the rental period and should return all documents at the end of this period.   The loss of any of these documents incurs in a replacement fee of 50€ per document.

18. Tracking

For security reasons, the owner can install tracking devices on the motorcycles. Any attempt to disassemble or damage these devices will be reported to the authorities and punished by Criminal Law.


Both the renter and owner agree that all disputes arising from this contract shall be resolved exclusively in the judicial court of Alcobaça, county of Leiria

Ride Portugal Moto has a rental license, number: 400786, registered in the Institute for Mobility and Transport. This is the Portuguese government agency that certifies vehicle rentals.

No motorcycle license required.

Yamaha NMAX 125

*No motorcycle licence required

Yamaha TRACER 7 GT


Macbor Montana XR5

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