One Thousand and One Curves till Piódão 


385 Km's

Driving time

6:30 Hours






History and culture


The number of curves may not be exact, but we know for a fact you’ll stop counting way before we get to Piódão. This village remains stubbornly hidden in the depths of the Serra do Açor mountains. Part of The Great Route of the Historical Villages of Portugal, this very small municipality, nicknamed the schist crib, will dazzle you with its architecture, illustrating so well our ability to adapt harmoniously to the most inhospitable places. This tour will take you on breathtaking roads and sites throughout the day.



We will first head to the very impressive Pampilhosa da Serra, a mountain range which houses one of the most important wind farms in the country. Together, we will share the outstanding feeling of riding on top of these mountains, under these giant fans, on amazing roads with absolutely breathtaking views. What more could we ask for?


Hundreds of curves will finally take us to the small town of Piódão, a village of 120 inhabitants. With its shale houses, its narrow and winding streets and its unique character, Piódão will make its impact on you.


On the way back, two stops are on the program; the first one being the imposing dam of Santa Luzia, and the second one is the mythical village of Dornes located on the banks of the Zêzere River, and considered one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal.

NOTICE: This circuit is for experienced motorcyclists only. It is composed of countless curves, a lot of driving and very short periods of stops and rests. Make sure you have the required skills and endurance for this type of circuit, so that you can enjoy your day and not interfere with the rest of your group.

No motorcycle license required.

Yamaha NMAX 125

*No motorcycle licence required

Yamaha TRACER 7 GT


Macbor Montana XR5

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