Óbidos and Local Flavors


105 Km's

Driving time

3 Hours






History and culture


This day is a little less strenuous in terms of motorcycling, however it is rich in culture, visual experiences and history. This circuit is a delight for the eyes and the stomach. Visit of small local merchants and craftsmen, purchase of local products, picnic in the open air on a dream site… This is what is on the menu for the first part of the day. The afternoon will take us to the fortified town of Óbidos, which finds itself in the top 10 on just about every list of places to visit in Portugal.



The day starts right here in Alcobaça with a visit to the monastery of Alcobaça. Considered the first work of Gothic art in the country, it was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989 and one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal in 2007.


Then, we visit local artisans who make what is most traditional in the region, to gather provisions for our lunch picnic.

Sabores Seculares – Traditional smoked sausages (chouriço and others)
Quinta Das Poesias – Jams, honey, marmalade and others
Padarias Lérias – Traditional bakery
Nelcarnes – High quality butchery
Atelier Do Doce – Traditional pastries
Flor do Vale – Cheese factory and own milk production.


Now that we have everything we need and that the road has whet our appetite, we are ready for our picnic. Our casual meal will be enjoyed in a splendid place around the Moinho (windmill) de Madeira da Boisias-Alvorninha, an entirely wooden mill, the only one still in operation in Portugal. Located at the top of a small hill in the middle of the countryside, it offers breathtaking views.


The second part of the day consists in a visit of the city of Óbidos. Surrounded by a wall, this city dates back to the 5th century, and has hardly evolved since the beginning of modern times, making it a simply magical site completely frozen in time.

Despite the fact that we usually try to avoid the most touristic locations, Óbidos is simply a must-see. Although these fortifications are extraordinary, there is just so much more to it than meets the eye. (duration of the visit 1h30)


This wonderful day ends with a visit to Quinta dos Capuchos, a local vineyard with a family tradition of several generations in the production of wines, between the tradition of manual harvesting and the new enology.

A day filled with history, fantastic landscapes and many calories.

No motorcycle license required.

Yamaha NMAX 125

*No motorcycle licence required

Yamaha TRACER 7 GT


Macbor Montana XR5

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