Heart of Portugal


250 Km's

Driving time

5 Hours






History and culture


Heart of Portugal is aptly named, as it is literally where we’re headed. This circuit takes us to the geodesic center of the country, a point that is considered the center of Portugal. This region offers a variety of landscapes, natural beauties, mountains, small farming villages, river beaches, historic castles and much more…



Today, we travel east. The city of Tomar is our first stop of the day. This is where the headquarters of the Order of the Templars was located at the time. Over here, we get to visit the Convent of Christ and the Templar Castle, one of the most important works of the Renaissance in Portugal. Inspired by the fortifications of the Holy Land, this castle was the most modern and advanced military device of the kingdom at some point.


Riding on thrilling roads, we are then going to head to the river beach of Agroal, which sits in a verdant area of great natural beauty. Depending on the time of year, it may be possible to go for a swim. Don’t forget your bathing suit and towel.


We continue our way to Villa de Rei and to the geodesic center of Portugal. Located on the Serra de Melriça, a mountain that elevates 600 meters above sea level, it offers exceptional panoramic views of the surroundings. From here, we can contemplate the Serra (mountain) of Lousã and, on a clear day, the Serra da Estrela located 100 kilometers away. You can seize the opportunity to visit the small Museum of Geodesy (free visit).


The river beach of Penedo Furado is another one of our imperative stops. This is a perfect spot to enjoy a little break and maybe go for a second dip.


On the drive back home, we will stop in the municipality of Abrantes. The Celts are believed to have established the first settlement in Abrantes around 300 BC. Situated on a hillside next to the Rio Tejo (River Tagus), Abrantes has always been an important place in terms of military strategy. We will visit the castle at the top of the hill and enjoy the amazing views of the region.

No motorcycle license required.

Yamaha NMAX 125

*No motorcycle licence required

Yamaha TRACER 7 GT


Macbor Montana XR5

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